The Praxis SPA

Jessica Zirkelbach

Help your body

Inner well-being is also reflected in the exterior. Regular massage and reflex zone therapy can not only improve blood circulation and relieve tension. Also the lightness of body. Mind and soul are restored. Through our treatments your body is supplied with oxygen and vital nutrients. You feel healthier and fresher. Relax and enjoy the benefits of our treatments - we promise you, you will feel the difference.

Achieve your soul

Unresolved mental conflicts are stored in the ZeIlgedächtnis. By working on the body manually, these memories can be solved. When the tissue relaxes, the cells connected with it also relax deep into the cell nucleus. Massage in combination with the appropriate ethereal essences thus manages to resolve unresolved conflicts. and enables the associated tissue or organ to heal.


Activation of self-healing. Physical and emotional relaxation through the combination of manual tissue work with targeted active ethereal essences.

Whole Body Reset 90 Min - 95,00 €
Back-Relax 45 Min - 55,00 €
Head/Face 30 Min - 35,00 €
Foot-Relax 30 Min - 35.00 €


Deep and lasting loosening of adhesions of the fascia and connective tissue. Reactivation of the lymphatic flow. Mobilisation of toxins and deep infections.

Sophia Matrix Technique (after Dr. Klinghardt) 90 Min - 120,00 €


Currently the best method for treating joint and tissue pain. Painless without surgery.

LNB application - pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht 60 Min - 80,00 €