Costs & Procedure


The fees for treatments are based on the fees and vary according to the amount of work involved and the treatment performed.  

The costs are

depending on treatment and practitioner

approx. 80,00€/h (applications)

approx. 130,00€/h (mental-mental work with Daniela Cebula)

approx. 200,00€/h (curative practical treatment with HP Matthias Cebula)

First Appointments last between 60-90 minutes

Follow-up appointments between 15-60 minutes

Special treatments will be invoiced separately. (laboratory, ozone, infusions etc..)

Depending on the tariff, the costs are partially or fully covered by private health insurance and supplementary insurance. Please ask your insurer here. 


 First appointment:

  • anamnesis,
  • first diagnostics
  • decision whether further diagnostic measures are necessary
  • if necessary first treatments
  • joint planning of therapy and treatments

 Further diagnostics (if necessary)

  • Laboratory (blood, stool, urine)
  • Regulation thermogram
  • referral to other therapists / doctors

Follow-up appointment

  • Treatments as planned in the first appointment (ART, PK, Hock etc...)
  • Progress checks (usually go quickly)

Cancellation of appointments

If it should not be possible to keep an appointment, I ask for a punctual refusal, since otherwise a failure fee is computed.

  • Cancellation until 12:00 a.m. the day before = no fee
  • Cancellation from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. the day before = 30% cancellation fee from the hourly rate of the planned appointment time
  • Cancellation on the day of the appointment = 50% cancellation fee from the hourly rate of the planned appointment time